Thursday, April 15, 2010

White Elephants

In the beginning there was Connie Mack,
in straw hat, suit and tie.
In the days of William Howard Taft,
they were the league's first dynasty
winning Series back to back.

From first to worst one year the team would fall
but returned to the mountaintop
in the days of Herbert Hoover.
Grove and Foxx beat Ruth and Gehrig
Mack in the dugout for it all.

We all know even icons all must age.
Only love enough for one brother.
In the days of Eisenhower
the team decamped for Kansas City,
Mack moved to another stage.

Years of glory still would lie ahead
beneath the shadow of Mt. Davis.
In the days of Catfish Hunter
and Reggie Jackson,
Dave Stewart
and Walt Weiss,
and even Jason Giambi.
Through earthquake and mustache they led.

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