Sunday, June 30, 2013

One that didn't get away

I've definitely got a thing for pop songs by female singers.  Over the years I sang Over the Rainbow, She Bop, and It's My Party for bands I was in, and advocated unsuccessfully for Piece of My Heart. Since Science Diet has two female members they've been singing lead on songs by women (like Heartbreaker and that band's version of She Bop), but here on the blog I've kept up by covering Ke$ha and Blondie, and there's a version of Bad Romance I sent to some friends.

So in that spirit, here's The One That Got Away, originally by Katy Perry, banged out live in glorious unmixed mono for a wet Sunday.

The One That Got Away (solo, acoustic)

While I'm at it, I'll continue to plug the MarcoPolo single, latest release from the Gedankenband! I'd cleverly failed to allow downloads when I first posted it, but that should now be fixed.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Country Trucker (Take 0)

I should be working on something other than music, but I couldn't resist. On a Twitter dare of sorts, I wrote the first part of "an astronaut country song" with the first line "I called Houston to ask why". Maybe I'll finish it. But for now, here's the first verse and chorus:

Country Trucker Out In Space (Demo)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

MarcoPolo, Live and Under Duress

Here I am performing MarcoPolo to a kind crowd of planetary scientists at the "Science of MarcoPolo-R" meeting. I wrote the song for this meeting, though originally the plan was for Detlef's blues band to play it. A few days before I was told the band wouldn't play (which didn't surprise me) but that they'd like me to do it solo (which did). There's a call for Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese verses, but I'd clearly need some help on those (though I think a Portuguese verse should feature Henry the Navigator). 

Thanks to Supersimo Slimons (as he is known on YouTube) for the recording and posting!
I hope to post the Gedankenband single version on Bandcamp soon!