Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sosa for Bell, A-Rod for Soriano

Their last game before moving
to The Metroplex
didn't quite finish.
The cops got bored and left early.
The fans got into the game
in an untraditional way
and stormed the field
with one out to go.

Deep in the heart,
deep in the standings.
And whenever they rose
they always were green,
dream seasons cut short
as if by Pam Ewing's alarm.

Nolan wears their hat
in Cooperstown,
as Pudge likely will
some years hence.
But the great players
have not been great enough here,
more dullards
with part worth.

Two strikes put them out,
even their former owner
couldn't win without a cloud.
Fifty seasons, and no flag
save the lone star.

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