Wednesday, January 18, 2012

In-Jokes Anniversary

Nine years ago on the 18th I released my second "album", In-Jokes With Myself. And by "released", I mean sent emails to friends telling them that I was ready to make them CDs. To commemorate this self-congratulatory event, I've put In-Jokes on my Bandcamp site, where it's now available for download as separate songs or as a whole.

Since this site is for more random bits, I figure I'll post alternate versions of a few of the songs that appear on the album.

Five of the songs were old Dr. Lüst favorites, with Kumiko dating back to 1986 in its original form. Here's a version of Kumiko played by the band at the East Campus picnic in 1991.

Solitaire is another song that's over 20 years old (!!!), originally done by Dr. Lüst. The original version has the the arrangement I tried to match for In-Jokes, but Jury Rig also did a version, with something of a different feel.

Finally, The Astronomers Song was something of a cult favorite in college and grad school. Here I'm playing it live for a group of (perhaps drunk) undergrads up at Lowell Observatory during the summer of 1995. Naturally I screw it up, because I have never played the song correctly in my life.