Friday, April 23, 2010

Dizzy and Ducky-Wucky

Boys playing a boy's game
and making child's play of it.
Obsession during depression
with a team of Daffy and The Lip
and Pepper and Ducky-Wucky.

In the other league, the Iron Horse
had eclipsed the Bambino
but Motown eclipsed the Big Apple.

Beyond the Hudson,
past LaGuardia's sway
Dizzy led the gang.
Swagger and the skill to
back it up,
and the charm to make you
like him
while he did it.

Dizzy's brother was on the team, too.
The press called him Daffy
but he preferred Paul.

When they met in an gashouse series
Mickey and Hank and Charlie
proved no match
for Ripper and Flash and Spud.
Ducky-Wucky was showered
with trash
by the fans.

Before he won the finale
x-rays of Dizzy's head
showed nothing.

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