Friday, November 26, 2010

The Goofiest Cover Song

I've been in bands that covered Superfreak and the theme from Welcome Back Kotter. I've sung Cyndi Lauper songs and Spinal Tap songs.  I wrote a geeky version of We Didn't Start the Fire.  This may be the goofiest thing I've ever committed to silicon and as usual it's not very good.  But it was fun to record, so what the heck! 

I therefore present my version of Tik Tok, by Ke$ha, downloadable here

Friday, November 12, 2010

Three from Jury Rig

Ignoring false starts and one-shot deals, I've basically been in four bands:  Dr. Lüst, Pez Con Pelo, Jury Rig, and Science Diet.  Jury Rig was unusual compared to the others in that it was the only one of the four where the bassist knew how to play before joining the band (indeed, he was probably the best musician in the group).  It was also the only one for which we didn't really have a goal-- in Dr. Lüst we worked toward the yearly Battle of the Bands, Science Diet had our annual LPSC appearance as well as LPL-related parties, and Pez Con Pelo actually had a (poorly) paying weekly-ish gig downtown in Tucson.  In Jury Rig we just kind of practiced aimlessly until we decided we might as well assert ourselves at our friends' parties.

With all that, I dug out some old Jury Rig tapes I have.  By my reckoning we did ten songs that I wrote, nine of which I've since recorded for one of the "albums".  I'm including three of them in this post.  I'm playing 12-string on all of these, Will is on lead guitar, Don on drums, and Cameron on bass.

Solitaire was an old Dr. Lüst song, which we often used to lead off our sets.  I mostly think of that version as the canonical arrangement (and the version on In-Jokes with Myself follows it) but this version has a lot going for it, I think.  Maybe that's just me. :)  Naturally, I forgot the words to the second verse after I repeating the the words of the first verse to myself before starting.

Here We Go Again was written while I was in Pez Con Pelo but it wasn't right for that band (which played "dance jazz", kind of a cross between Steely Dan and Phish.  I played... cowbell and woodblocks.  That is a whole other post, though).  I always liked this one, and Cameron did a great job with the bass part.  Will never quite played what I asked him to, but it was close enough.

The last song is Another Margarita.  This one actually I wrote during a Pez Con Pelo practice, but again it really wasn't the right style.  Science Diet (cats loved us) also performed this, but I always think of this as more of a Jury Rig song.  The "A Day In The Life" part was kind of ill-advised, but I kept this arrangement for The Red Album.