Friday, September 18, 2009

The Cheese Stands Alone

I've posted a gzipped tar file of the album, which is running about 80 Meg, here (Safari only?! Not working in Firefox 4 c. 2011). I've also put individual songs and notes about them here, the whole thing as a gzipped tarfile here, the cover "art" here.  I figured I'd just include some of the extra, random bits on this page.

Andy Rivkin: guitars and vocals. Also such engineering and producing as was done.

The Gedankenband:
Günther van Günther: lead guitar, umlauts.
Eddy Diffusion: drums, percussion
Katie 80: bass, backing vocals on "It's All A Test", church organ
Ophelia Synecdoche: flute, keyboards

Thanks to the Büttklënch crew for being willing to take time from their busy touring schedule to help out. Thanks also to the Itascatown Philharmonic for their work on "As Happy As You Make Me".

UPDATE, 10 November 2012: In anticipation of offering the album via Bandcamp, I've disabled the links to the music. 

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