Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dead Ball

They were allowed to throw
spitballs back then.
They did lots of things to the ball
to make them harder to hit,
harder to see.
The pitchers liked the
dead ball.

Ray was a shortstop.
Good player, not a superstar.
Cleveland was fighting
for their first pennant,
playing in New York.

Carl was the pitcher.
A good pitcher, too.
Submarine delivery.
Threw a spitter,
though it's not clear
if that was the pitch.

Whatever it was,
Ray didn't see it.
Maybe it was Carl's delivery.
Maybe it was the late afternoon sun.
Carl heard the
of the bat and fielded
the ball to throw
Ray out.

But it wasn't the
crack of the bat.

Cleveland donned
black arm bands
and won the World Series.
Joe took Ray's place
and went to the Hall of Fame.

They made a plaque
commemorating Ray's life
"He lives in The Hearts
Of All Who Knew Him."

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