Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Upcoming Album!

The next Gedankenband album is just about ready to go. I've settled on the name This Is My Circus, These Are My Monkeys, as suggested on Twitter, and I just banged out the (admittedly garish) cover "art" (thanks to some public domain line art). I'm not sure when I'll actually release it, though I suspect it'll be sometime in the next month or so.  Right now it's 50 minutes long, with the following songs:

  1. You Say A Whole Lot Of Things
  2. I've Got Six Strings (And A Whole Lot Of Loving)
  3. Let Her Go
  4. No Hard Feelings
  5. Say You Don't Mind
  6. Hopeful Romantics
  7. Straightforward
  8. Puerto PeƱasco
  9. Wrong Place Wrong Time (Munroe Arrangement)
  10. Middle Of May (album version)
  11. Knight In Faded Denim
  12. Moon Grrl
  13. Autochirophobia
  14. Toast
  15. Bisbee Blue
  16. Ceres Ferdinandea (parts 1-7)
Some of these songs have appeared here on the blog in early versions, and Wrong Place was a B-side.  Middle of May is a new recording and not the Local Technique version, however. I plan to make it available in the usual places: the Gedankenband Bandcamp site and streaming on Spotify etc.


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Looking forward to some good music, do let us know when it avaialble online to download. Thank you for sharing the news with us

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