Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Natty Boh Flowed Like Water

Football town
with a tell-tale baseball heart
where Jane took Tarzan
and Hannibal had his first dinner party.
Down to the wire.

They gave the country
the Star Spangled Banner.
They gave the country
Babe Ruth and Lefty Grove.
The country gave them
the minor leagues.
Only this and nothing more
until brown wrecks looked for
a new start.
The Natty Boh flowed
like water.

Pappas for Robinson.
Mantle becomes mortal,
Yankees sink to the core.
Angry birds rise
with three-run home runs.

Foils for Seaver, Clemente and Stargell,
foiling Bench, Koufax, and Carlton.
But when Tracy Tumblad said good morning.
They needed 22 tries to wake up.

The team now lives near
the Babe's old digs.
Would he have smiled
to see Lou's record erased?
He would likely have smiled
at the close proximity
of the barbecue stand
and crabcakes.

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