Saturday, April 10, 2010

Baseball Poems 10: A Pleasant Team for a Pleasant City

A pleasant team for a pleasant city.
What's not to like, really?
What's the worst one can say about them?
They have a history of ugly uniforms.

That much is true.
Goofy 70s fonts, yellow on brown.
They wear camo on Sundays.
Still, the "Swinging Friar" is kind of cool.

They seem to end up as speed bumps
in the way of better teams,
if not much of an obstacle:
Footnotes in the coronations of 1984 and 1998,
answers to a trivia question about the Rockies.

But not every fan base is tortured, not every team star-crossed.
There are only so many Nolan Ryans and Hank Aarons.
It is enough, sometimes, to appreciate
the Gwynns and Hoffmans,
the sun and the sea.

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