Sunday, September 18, 2016

New Release: This Is My Circus, These Are My Monkeys

On behalf of The Gedankenband, I'm happy to announce the release of our fifth full-length LP: This Is My Circus, These Are My Monkeys. It's available for download at our Bandcamp site, along with the rest of our music including our previous albums, EPs, and "singles".

We've decided to charge a little bit for this music, but hopefully that's not a deterrent.  Each song is individually downloadable for a small cost, and two songs are available for free download: Wrong Place, Wrong Time (Munroe Arrangement) and Middle Of May (album version).  But we'd like to make sure that anyone who wants the music can get it--if you can't pay but still want to listen, I have some free download codes if you get in touch with me.

I don't know when the album will appear on Spotify et al., but it should be within a week.

Thank you for your support and Go Rock Yourselves. 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Circus/Monkeys Preview!

I've been finalizing songs for the upcoming near-classic This Is My Circus, These Are My Monkeys, and thought I'd post something here. I've always had trouble singing this one, and was considering solving that problem by making it an instrumental. In the end, I recorded vocals that I think will do the trick (or are good enough), so here's a relic and early preview of the upcoming album!

Straightforward (Instrumental)

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Hopeful Romantics

I haven't posted here in a little while, and This Is My Circus isn't really any closer than last time.  But I have been able to pick up my guitar just a little bit and I figured I should do some "advance publicity" for myself and my Gedankenbandmates.

So, here's "Hopeful Romantics" solo to one track. A version of this song will appear on the album, but I don't think any versions have appeared anywhere thus far. I'm afraid the title may have been originally inspired by a Barry Manilow quote, but inspiration is what it is.

Hopeful Romantics (solo)

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Upcoming Album!

The next Gedankenband album is just about ready to go. I've settled on the name This Is My Circus, These Are My Monkeys, as suggested on Twitter, and I just banged out the (admittedly garish) cover "art" (thanks to some public domain line art). I'm not sure when I'll actually release it, though I suspect it'll be sometime in the next month or so.  Right now it's 50 minutes long, with the following songs:

  1. You Say A Whole Lot Of Things
  2. I've Got Six Strings (And A Whole Lot Of Loving)
  3. Let Her Go
  4. No Hard Feelings
  5. Say You Don't Mind
  6. Hopeful Romantics
  7. Straightforward
  8. Puerto PeƱasco
  9. Wrong Place Wrong Time (Munroe Arrangement)
  10. Middle Of May (album version)
  11. Knight In Faded Denim
  12. Moon Grrl
  13. Autochirophobia
  14. Toast
  15. Bisbee Blue
  16. Ceres Ferdinandea (parts 1-7)
Some of these songs have appeared here on the blog in early versions, and Wrong Place was a B-side.  Middle of May is a new recording and not the Local Technique version, however. I plan to make it available in the usual places: the Gedankenband Bandcamp site and streaming on Spotify etc.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A belated but still not very good tribute to David Bowie

I put something up shortly after David Bowie's death in January, noting that he deserved a real post. This, unfortunately, isn't really such a post. It is however, something that I recorded a few days after the first post and figured I'd just go ahead and finally put up:

Sound and Vision solo live straight to one track mono.

Next posts should start giving more details about my intended next music release, such as it is.  But there's no doubt in my mind that nothing on that album will match anything on any of Bowie's.

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Gedankenband on Spotify

It's two posts in two days!

Hard upon yesterday's celebration of the Middle of May, I figured I might as well remind all the Gedankenfans that I've got all (I think) of my music up on Spotify for your streaming but not downloading needs.

The link to the Gedankenband page is here, though inexplicably one of the albums has snuck in under a slightly different band name here where apparently "Andy Rivkin and his Gedankenband" was treated as two artists together. 


I've also made a Gedankenband "Greatest Hits" playlist on Spotify, which should be open to all.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

It's the Middle of May

Time to get back to a bit of music here. I've been working on a new music release for some time this year (working title: Unreliable Narrator). The last few things I've put out have been EP length, with 4-5 songs, but I'm currently thinking of something longer--I haven't put out something album length in over 5 years. So, I've been slowly recording songs and collecting older efforts to see if they can be improved.

One of the songs almost certain to make this album is "Middle of May".  A version of this song was on the Local Technique EP, built on a very early take that lacked a verse written a little bit later. Since this is the middle of May (well, tomorrow is formally but we're close enough), I thought I'd post an instrumental version of the "album version" of the song.

Happy spring!
Middle of May (2016 instrumental version)
Middle of May (Local Technique version on Bandcamp)
Middle of May (2014 "lo-fi mini-concert" version)