Friday, April 16, 2010


There once was a player named Puckett
who could hit the ball far as Nantucket.
But for Minnesota fans
his memory today
cannot be done justice in a simple limerick.

He didn't look like a baseball player,
his body with Santa-like layer,
but once on the field
he was a machine
cranking out hit after hit.

Each time the Twins made the Series
a loss was predicted by theories.
But they could not account
for so many things,
which is why they bother to play the games.

The stage or his teammates or cheering
Brought from Kirby what the NL was fearing.
Game 6, '91
with his catch and home run
brought his apotheosis in the eyes
of the baseball world.

There once was a player named Puckett.
The ball always flew when he struck it.
Today you'll see his name
in the Hall of Fame.
You Braves fans will just have to suck it.

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