Friday, April 2, 2010

Baseball Poems 2: The Details in the Devil Rays

The park was called the Thunderdome
though 'twas renamed for an an orange juice brand
when Devil Rays called it their home
upon their start in '98.

The team that year was far from great
and Rothschild's bearing could make no dent.
So few men would cross the plate
even with Boggs and McGriff.

It proved to be a familiar riff
as years dragged on and feelings waned.
Another draft, another stiff
when Sweet Lou came onstage.

But even all of Sweet Lou's rage
could not catch Boston or New York.
Perhaps the Devil was the cage?
Was their name a gift from hell?

For what team could possibly do well
when giving the devil sympathy?
(New Jersey in the NHL
but that's conveniently ignored.)

So after their owner implored
they emerged as simply the Rays.
The baseball world was all but floored
when they brought the pennant home.

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Bryce Ellicott said...

I think you've done an excellent job with this one. Your choice of rhyme scheme adds a very appealing rhythm, and the story is tight and interesting. Looking forward to reading more!
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