Sunday, April 4, 2010

Baseball Poems 4: Fish Tale

We've pretty much oozed
bad baseball karma
since we were founded.

Think about it.

We've won two World Series
but never finished in first place.
And each time we had fire sales afterward
rather than build lasting success.

Our owner tried to kill our team
but worked out a deal
to buy a better team that was, well,

We ended up with the guy
who killed the Expos.

We were there when the Cubs were five outs away
from the Series
and made Bartman famous.
We were there when the Indians were two outs away
from the championship
and broke their hearts, too.

And of course we were the poster boys
for shaking down our city
to get a new stadium built,
threatening to head to San Antonio.
It's a wonder we still have fans.

Although I guess we don't, really.

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