Wednesday, April 28, 2010

10,000 Losses

They have lost over 10,000 games.
That's really rather a lot.
A century's worth of 100-loss years
in a history not that much longer
than a century.

Do the fans make the team
or does
the team make the fanatic?
Broadly like bullies
arrested for battery,
rather seeming at home
in the WC
on the whole.

On the other hand
it is something of the
nature of baseball,
where murderers lose
one-third of their fights
and hitmen miss
two-thirds of their hits.
More often today's heroes
have been kids watching
history's best whiz by.

Their name is mild
upon reflection, evoking
Donahue at first,
Glass at the hot corner,
Collins behind the plate.

10,000 losses are a lot.
To their credit, they've
been able to focus
a lot more of late
on getting 11 wins
in October.

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