Thursday, April 1, 2010

Baseball Poems 1: Arizona Diamondbacks

At the very start
I was there, though it seems odd to think about that way.
Spring training, opening day at the new park.
First game for the latest team.
I bought a pin for my wife to prove it
though I don't know where it is now.

I hated the city of Phoenix, sprawling on further than you'd think possible.
But I love baseball more than I hate Phoenix.

I rooted for the Diamondbacks the way
Stephen Stills would advocate.
We saw Karim hit the roof,
watched the Unit induce a triple play
(and strikeout a great many),
and stayed to watch the roof open.

We had moved on when this toddler team took to
the Fall Classic
and faced the team of the century
at the dawn of the new millennium.
After that terrible September gave way
to a numb November
Gonzo did what Stretch could not.
Exit Sandman.


Andy said...

For the curious out there, here's the "induced a triple play" game:

However, I can't find the game where Karim Garcia hit the roof.

Amy said...

"I love baseball more than I hate Phoenix" is a great line.

"I bought a pin for my wife to prove it / though I don't know where it is now" is quite poignant. It adds a sense of transience to the experience that follows, like a great moment in baseball. It happens so quickly and lives almost entirely in memory.

Andy said...

Thanks, Amy, I appreciate it. I was pretty happy when I came up with those lines.

I've been trying to kind of crank these out (given the NaPoWriMo idea as I understand it), so I'm just trying to go by instincts and not overthink them...