Monday, April 9, 2012

Solar System Poems 9: Jupiter Has Loved Her, Too.

dark horse in a field of heavyweights
newcomer upstart, 
what can you have to offer?
no volcanoes
no oceans
can't bend a compass,
can't tip the scales.

you're like all the nymphs, aren't you?
bigger maybe, but no better.
spreading your dirt 
to the high-rent district,
onto our gleaming ramparts and palimpsests.
you're not from here,
you don't belong here--
one-night stands who overstayed.

She is not bright and flashy, no. 
And she has no PAC or senators on her side.
But she too is part of the story and 
we should come close enough to listen:
Jupiter has loved her, too.


This one is thematically very similar to yesterday's, as is obvious.  Normally I'd separate them by a bit, but I have personal reasons for posting this today so I figured I'd just go for it...  I'm still going to try to only use planetary satellites and small solar system bodies, and since there are common themes in the science of those objects it's hard to make them completely unique...

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