Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Solar System Poems 25: Bask In Light Of Jove

Spat on by neighbors,
by gossamer ring you fly.
Barnard's other star.

Red, green, and icy,
formation a mystery.
Made here or moved in?

Mother closely held,
Red spot big as twenty moons.
Bask in light of Jove.


Anonymous said...

Really loved these haikus! The idea of being spit on by neighbors reminded me of a lecture at Univ of MD by Doug Hamilton re: discovery of a new ring of Saturn (2009). He described ring debris pelting a moon like "bugs on a windshield." Hoping you won't stop writing astropoetry at the end of April!

Andy said...

Thanks for your comment and support all month! I'm much more of a music guy (such as it is) than a poetry one so the focus in the blog will go back to that, but I'm considering doing poems more often than one month a year.... :)