Sunday, April 8, 2012

Not Poems: Space Geek Music

Sorry to interrupt NaPoWriMo, but since this is mostly a music blog I figured I'd point to some songs I've done in keeping with this year's poetry theme.  Most of the music I've done is homemade, recorded on my laptop, and doesn't have great singing or playing (other than that, what's not to like?). I don't tend to write science songs, but the ones below have some space/astronomy content.  Most are hosted at BandCamp, though the last two are hosted here on the blog. The latter is a free download, the ones at BandCamp are "name your price", but that price could be free if you like, and you can listen before you download!

  1. The Astronomers Song from 2003's In-Jokes With Myself
  2. OBAFGKM from 2005's Do Not Tip Or Rock
  3. Down On Vesta from 2011's Local Technique EP
  4. We Didn't Start the Science from 2008's Cheese Course maxi-single (or something) 
  5. We Didn't Start the Science (acoustic demo version) 

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