Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Solar System Poems 11: Proceedings of the LNPSC

It could be on a list now
with the Sidera Lodoicea,
celebrating the 350th year
since Cassini's discovery,
trying to determine how
Herschel could miss it.

How easy to imagine!
Close-up images from Mariner 4,
in-situ data from Venera 6,
radar coverage from Magellan.
Our sister planet unvexed by
a nearby target.

And in joint sessions
at the LNPSC,
we'd look for creepy similarities,
family cataclysms,
and make plans flexible enough
to put humans on this moon
and bring them back safely to Earth
in some decade or another.

It is something of a shame
it is not a list of 
Decadal Survey priority targets
instead of on a list with
yeti, perpetual motion, and Zetans.

Since this one is even more obscure than usual, here's some background info from Wikipedia and Solarviews.  

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