Thursday, April 26, 2012

Solar System Poems 26: A Topic in Forums

Subject of discussion
in the old-school forums,
your namesake inspired chastity 
in the service of study
until the flames burned down.

Now you shine by 
the light of the Sun,
brighter than your comrades,
bright enough to be seen
by naked eye
had the virgins known where to look

And you still give a bounty
to planetary scientists:
Elements and spectra,
gravity and topography,
craters and mounds and cracks 
from the littlest planet.
Olbers would be proud
if knew where to look
to find him today.

Billions of years after
your own flames burned down,
you inspire discussion
in latter-day forums
with the light of a new dawn,
though I will not speculate on 
the chastity of those taking part.

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