Friday, April 27, 2012

Solar System Poems 27: Transient Joys Beyond Heaven's Gate

None who saw you will forget you,
a hairy, multi-tailed wonder 
stalking the skies 
as the century
wound down.

Your Japanese opening act
warmed us up well,
I couldn't imagine
how you'd top it,
but you did.

In the vivid sodium light
I see you still.
From the east end of
to the desert
below Gates Pass,
in the red Celestron
I got for my bar mitzvah,
you pinwheeled across the sky.

I can still call up 
your memory,
you hanging over 
the Catalinas
in difficult times,
reminding me there is
a universe out there
beyond heaven's gate,
and transient joys
are no less joyful.

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