Friday, April 6, 2012

Solar System Poems 6: A String of Pearls

How long had you thought of this moment?
How many times had you swung past,
rehearsing your entrance?
You watched Jupiter for eons
wander drunkenly to and fro,
scattering your kin and imprisoning others,
waiting for your chance to dance with him
and die ecstatic in his embrace.

We could not believe our luck
to be born at the right time. 
We watched from any seat we could find:
from tiny telescopes the size of a newborn,
to the mightiest mirrors mankind had constructed.
Galileo, crippled but proud, 
turned his eyes to you in wonder.
Hubble, a punchline no longer
after redeeming himself in your light.
I watched from the cheap seats
in Mansfield, Ohio.

To us all, you were beautiful;
Jagged black rock made into
a string of pearls.

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