Thursday, April 12, 2012

Solar System Poems 12: Surely Not To Panic

There still is some confusion
regarding the solution
to exactly where this body was created
While long ago occurring 
the data's often blurring
and multiple answers may be demonstrated. 
Its spectrum reminiscent
in its strong sloped ascent
to comets it was captured perhaps
But dynamics workers 
and also conference lurkers
don't see how to make this object do laps
Some say impact made a dozen
but of all its cousins 
only a single still survives we fear. 
But even that sole linkage
has suffered some shrinkage
and whether they relate at all's not clear
And so the battle rages
in usual fits and stages
'twixt spectroscopist and celestial mechanic
If Merlin were living 
the advice he might be giving 
is not to fear and surely not to panic. 

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