Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2013 Poem 23: An Alchemical Dream

A bit of a word before today's poem. The budget for NASA-funded planetary science (which is most of planetary science) has been repeatedly slashed, jeopardizing important research as it sits on the verge of answering many fundamental questions about our solar system and our place in it. Congress has been very supportive of planetary science, and we hope to encourage their continued support. The Planetary Society is organizing public efforts to help planetary science, with background here. Please consider visiting the Planetary Society page linked here to thank Congress and ask for more help, or consider a letter or call to your Representatives and/or Senators on your own. 


An alchemical dream.
Not as good as lead to gold
but making water
from the thinnest of airs
is still pretty impressive.

Oh, free to wander
a molecule unbound
radically changing course.
Racing to find a shady spot
or a crystal palace
to ride out a sequester.

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