Wednesday, April 17, 2013

2013 Poem 17: Neptune All Night

Summer after sophomore year.
Astronomy geek at engineering school,
unwise in the ways of anything.
You were a biology student
and a ballerina
but mostly just 
the most amazing girl I'd ever met.

Spring saw massacre in
Tianamen Square,
Fall saw the
Berlin Wall come down.
The summer was different.

And one night in August
found me in my tiny room
watching my TV
sitting on the tiny fridge
with its NASA sticker
as images from across the solar system came
down from the skies.
Cantaloupe terrains and ring arcs
Great dark spots.
The end of a great adventure.

I remember little from 1989, all told.
But those encounters are etched
like grooves in a golden record
I can't imagine anyone else playing.


A little poetic license.  Maybe it could have used more. ;)

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