Monday, April 27, 2015

2015 Poetry Post 27: The Short Life and Rapid Death of the Royal Orbiting Dageurrotype Mission

Mycroft entered the briefing room,
bowed to the ministers
and opened his folder.

“We have enough data
to deduce the answer
to any question
we could ask.”
Dyson and Christie
shifted uncomfortably
in their chairs.

“Knowing the planets
have been
in their orbits
in perpetuity;
knowing that the
have common origin
in an exploded body;
knowing all the matter
in the entire universe
must be observable;
I find the proposal
to launch a daguerrotype machine
about the Earth
technically feasible
but scientifically unnecessary.”

“God Save the King!”
said the exchequer.

The Astronomer Royal
moved to speak
“But what of the projects
the Americans study?
With Moriarty leading
a mission to study
the dynamics of an asteroid?”

Mycroft shook his jowls:
“For what it’s worth
regarding Moriarty
and others,
my brother defers
to my judgment
and he also agrees with me.”

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