Saturday, April 25, 2015

2015 Poetry Post 25: Very Different

"I'm glad I own property on this side of the Hudson
because it's not the side that's subducting."  she said 
as she mixed the butter and coffee concoction.
She went on about the asteroids she finds in her yard 
but I was caught up in whether the cows had to be grass-fed. 

He told me "I've been reading up on all this stuff. 
I know all about Europa and Titus 
And all the planets Kipling is finding."
I nodded a bit absently. 
At least he wasn't talking about the Mets 
for once.

"Oh, you're an astronomer not an astrologer?"
he corrected himself. 
"They're totally different, aren't they;
It'd be like mistaking a mathematician for an English teacher."
I paused and considered 
and simply agreed they are indeed
very different.

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