Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Live from Minneapolis!

Song at the bottom of the post today!

Following up on the Hawaii, Seattle, and LA posts, here's one from my current location: Minneapolis, Minnesota (I also had two weeks in France in the interim, but no guitar with me and too little familiarity with Edith Piaf or Jacques Brel). I'm here for the Geological Society of America meeting and gave my talk earlier today.  Lots of great bands from Minneapolis:  Hüsker Dü, The Replacements (this Replacements song has been in my head the whole trip), The Jayhawks (this cover by the Jayhawks was nearly the one recorded for this post).  But in the end, there was no denying His Purple Majesty.

Since I'm in a good mood I banged this one out (this is actually a second take for once) and am slapping it on up now, just before I go purify myself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka (NSFW!!!):

I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man

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