Sunday, October 30, 2011

Katrina and Coming Attractions

I've been planning on getting a new album put together for a while, but it's clearly not going to be done in 2011.  Probably sometime in 2012, hopefully in spring.  To fill the much-anticipated gap (or something), I'm thinking I'll put an EP/mini-album out in late November/early December.  I'm planning on putting it on Bandcamp, as I recently did with The Red Album (and as I'll eventually do with the other albums).

So consider this something of a coming attractions post.  The track list isn't totally set but will almost certainly include:

Middle of May (the "single")
Katrina and the Zen Master

and will likely include two of the following:
Pastoral #1  (available in demo form here)
Dear Kate Bush (available in instrumental form here)
Down on Vesta

To get the one or two of you who'll read this psyched up (or "psyched up"), here's a rehearsal version of Katrina and the Zen Master.  The real version is recorded better and is a bit more produced.  It was originally written in 1988 or so and called Fomalhaut, then I wrote lyrics and it gained its current name, which it kept even after I ditched the words.  Enjoy!

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