Thursday, August 20, 2009

Crunchy Granola Girl (Four-Track Version)

Another old one, this graced ("graced") Do Not Tip Or Rock in its more recent form. But as with Joan of Arc, I recorded Crunchy Granola Girl first on my old four-track.

Unusually, I actually gathered up and played a bunch of instruments on this one: Jen's drums, Barbara's bass, and a couple of guitars. I recorded it in the front room at Camilla House (Jennifer's room at the time). It was kind of a hassle to record and overdub each track in turn, but having real instruments (and the random timing and tuning issues they carry) does give a certain something that all-synthesized stuff doesn't.

Anyhow, the song was written about Flagstaff and its denizens during the summer of 1995. The heroine isn't real, though perhaps she's a composite. :)

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