Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another X, Another Y (demo)


I've been doing some recording on my own for a while as a hobby. I've also been distributing collections to friends when I get "an album's worth" done. I'm hoping to get the next collection out to coincide with my 40th birthday in September, provisionally called The Cheese Stands Alone.

But with the whole 21st century thing going on, and the decline of the album format, and the rise of the intarwebs, I figured I'd also start a blog for fun. I'm not sure what I'll post here, or the frequency. And I'm not sure if I'll restrict myself to originals (probably) or if I'll post older stuff (probably).

The first song I'll include here is "Another X, Another Y". It's a bit goofy (as usual), and perhaps a bit contrived, but I always liked it. This version still needs some work, but I'm planning on including it on Cheese. Most of the song is synthesized, save the voice and guitars.

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