Friday, June 30, 2017

Asteroid Day 2017!!

So, hey.  It's Asteroid Day.  There's a UN Resolution and everything. I study asteroids for a living, but since this is my music/poetry blog I figure I should point to that here.

Music-wise, The Gedankenband and I have put out a few asteroid-related songs:
Sing A Song Of Ceres (from This Is My Circus, These Are My Monkeys)
Down on Vesta (from Local Technique)
Marco Polo (for a nearly-successful ESA asteroid mission proposal)
The MANTIS Song (for an asteroid mission concept we've been working on)

Since 2012 I've mostly done astropoetry for National Poetry Writing Month. I've done a slew of asteroid-related poems, I'll just pick out a few below to point to, and apologize for any broken image links:

The Keyhole Is Open (2012)
Part of Something Larger (2013)
Unreflective and Blue? (2013)
The Waterless Beach (2013)
Children of the Fire God (2014)
Code Names (2014)
Working Scenarios (2015)
Light Is A Bully (2016)
What Not To Expect (2016)
The Farm-Sized Asteroid (2017)

Enjoy!  :)

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