Sunday, May 15, 2016

It's the Middle of May

Time to get back to a bit of music here. I've been working on a new music release for some time this year (working title: Unreliable Narrator). The last few things I've put out have been EP length, with 4-5 songs, but I'm currently thinking of something longer--I haven't put out something album length in over 5 years. So, I've been slowly recording songs and collecting older efforts to see if they can be improved.

One of the songs almost certain to make this album is "Middle of May".  A version of this song was on the Local Technique EP, built on a very early take that lacked a verse written a little bit later. Since this is the middle of May (well, tomorrow is formally but we're close enough), I thought I'd post an instrumental version of the "album version" of the song.

Happy spring!
Middle of May (2016 instrumental version)
Middle of May (Local Technique version on Bandcamp)
Middle of May (2014 "lo-fi mini-concert" version) 

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Freckluer said...

Doing something great!!Knowing Music in Indonesia can help you reach heights.Delight to see...