Monday, January 12, 2015

Passerby: Not Quite Silver Anniversary

As I just mentioned on Twitter, I seem to have written a lot of my favorite originals during the winter of 1989-1990.  So you'll be getting some Silver Anniversary posts, just as I've marked a few other anniversaries.

This song, Passerby, is not quite one of them.  It was written 24 years ago yesterday.  That means in theory that I should have posted this yesterday, but I only just happened to notice and you know how these things go.  I was still very early in learning how to play guitar, and a lot of my songs went C-Am-Dm-something. In this particular case, something is Fm (which was super-hard as all novice guitar players know). The content was sort-of inspired by the Replacements song Skyway, which is needless to say superior in every way and is a fan favorite

I've always loved this one anyhow, which makes it a bit surprising to me that there are no versions on any of the Gedankenband albums, nor did I even record it with my old 4-track.  I think it's quite likely that I'll remedy that for real on the next Gedankenband release, but until then, for the first time anywhere:

Passerby (live to one-track)

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