Saturday, May 11, 2013

Upcoming Single Release: MarcoPolo

With April and National Poetry Writing Month in the rear-view mirror, it's back to putting music in the Imperturbable Music blog. So I hope to get a single up on the Bandcamp site in the next few weeks.

The A-side (or what would have been the A side if there were such things any more) will be "MarcoPolo", a song written about the proposed European asteroid sample return mission MarcoPolo-R (MPR). It was a request of the MPR Principal Investigator, who liked Down on Vesta well enough to commission a song from me at a group dinner in Barcelona. Or maybe it was all the alcohol.  Regardless, I found someone to sing the French verse and the whole Gedankenband lends their vocal as well as instrumental...stylings to the song.

I'm planning on pairing two B-sides with MarcoPolo at this point. The first is a proper recording of Liara, my tribute to a fictional blue alien babe, which appeared here in a demo version just after it was recorded. The second is a solo acoustic version of OBAFGKM. That one, at least, is done.

I'm hoping to get permission to use some artwork from the MPR mission, so with luck that'll happen quickly.  We'll see if that'd be lucky for you or not. :)

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