Friday, November 9, 2012

What's Her Name?

It's been a little while since I picked up the guitar, and I was having so much fun I figured I'd bash something out.  So here's an oldie, dating all the way back to December 1993: "What's Her Name?"  I think it used to be "What's-her-name", which is probably a more accurate portrayal of the attitude in the song.

This was never played by any bands I was in, and it was written in a bit of a period empty of band songs-- the infamous "Taking Matters" came three months later, and the previous band song I'd written was "Whenever She Calls My Name", nearly a year before.  As with some of the other songs written at the time, though, this did make its way onto one of the albums, appearing on 2005's Do Not Tip Or Rock as track 6.

I honestly don't remember who I had in mind, if anyone, when I wrote this.  But I've always liked it a lot.

To reiterate:
New, informal acoustic version
Do Not Tip Or Rock version

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