Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another cover!

I was listening to the Jayhawks this evening, and got in the mood to record something.  So I thought I'd tackle one of my favorites of theirs. Only twice in my life have I bought an album because it was playing in the record store where I was browsing-- the first time was an REM album I was on the fence about.  The second time was in Flagstaff, where I was spending the summer of '95. Tomorrow The Green Grass was playing in the background, and when this song came on, I immediately asked who the band was (I was vaguely aware of the Jayhawks from their sort-of hit a few years earlier) and bought the album.

Bad Time was originally by Grand Funk Railroad, but the Jayhawks version is much better in my opinion.  The Science Diet version was based on the Jayhawks', not surprisingly.

Anyway, after several tries I got through a correct version live with the Rover and then overdubbed the (weak) guitar solo.  And here it is: Bad Time by Yours Truly (sans Gedankenband)

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