Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lost In The Artifacts

First, here's the song:  Lost In The Artifacts.

Next, a happy 2011 to you (and us) all.  While the blog's been quiet I have actually been doing some recording and writing.  I'm not sure how much will end up on the next album, though--it's been a few rough run-throughs so I don't forget things and/or songs that might or might not fit when all told.

The song I'm posting today is one of the latter.  It started from a discussion on Twitter of results from the Stardust encounter with Comet Tempel 1 (of all things).  Emily said that some of the details were "almost lost in JPEG artifacts."  Barbara said that sounded like an album title of mine, followed by Luke asking if I could release it in time for LPSC.

I wrote the words pretty quickly (as might be obvious) and came up with the general musical idea pretty quickly too (as might also be obvious).  At first I thought I might be ripping off Elvis Costello too much but then I realized I was also ripping off Collective Soul, so it probably would work itself out. The song's pretty short and I've thought of ways to lengthen it a bit (I have a whole other verse written, but I don't particularly like it much), but on the other hand I don't think it gains anything by being longer and I'd rather have it be too short than be tediously long.  For this song, it might hit tediously long by 2 and a half minutes...